Women are ‘Trash’ too:Death to toxic feminism

‘Men are Trash’ this particular phrase angers me to the core .Its an ignorant and illogical term. What about the men in women’s lives who have played a major role in empowering them should we call them trash too? This is disrespectful, inconsiderate and part of the toxic society that women are creating .This is not feminism this is toxicity

Women are part of the problem when it comes to attaining gender equality. They play a major role in slowing down its progress.Heard of the phrase ‘women are their own enemies’ well its true.

In Kenya lots of women have tried out vying for government posts and have failed terribly yet the population comprises of more women to men.If Women cant support their own how soon can we ever achieve gender balance in society?

Women cant support each other;When it comes to ambitions or aspirations they are part of the trolling crowd and are quick when it comes to drawing out the flaws of the other females.

Now in simpler terms ‘Women are trash too’. They’ll complain of how men cheat on them in relationships and yet they cheer on Gold diggers and cheating female partners ‘Finish him sis’ ‘kill him sis’.This is trash too. Some women are in relationships for monetary value inconsiderate of their partners feelings towards them theyll still go ahead and cheat isnt this trash too?

Such women are silent when it comes to teenage pregnancies and FGM yet they claim they are ‘Feminists’ and that they hold womens interests at heart .They are quick in incriminating innocent men in rape cases and cheer on false victims who are out to tarnish the reputation of the man not considering the male’s side of the story bt when it comes to real issues affecting women they are silent.This category aren’t feminists bt toxic women hiding under the movement.So inclusively and being illogical like the rest i can now claim ‘women are trash too’.

As a feminist ,i feel pressured to announce my stand as a liberal feminist,ever since the emergence of the so called ‘toxic feminists’ who have no idea of what feminist ideologies are really meant for.

Feminism is meant to break gender disparities not to create a wave of hatred towards men nor to overthrow men out of their natural positions.This has disenfranchised Feminism from spreading in society thus it has been greatly shunned by many.

Feminism was meant to break gender barriers that hinder societal progress.To break norms about masculinity and femininity, not a movement to ease out bitterness and to showcase women’s weaknesses nor to demonise men.Such type of ideologies are deceptive.

Although at first Feminism catered and fought for women’s rights only modern feminism is gender inclusive in all aspects .In the form that they are Male feminists such as Tyler crews and Barrack Obama.Individuals that believe that gender barriers have barred both men and women from expressing who they truly are

Feminism as Chimamanda ngozi adichie describes it in her book ‘We should all be feminists’ ;which i consider to be the Real feminist manifesto is part of Human rights that addresses the specific and particular problem with gender on issues affecting both men and womem amicably.

I believe the day women will rise up and support each other and empower society to end common gender steorotypes ,Gender equality and balance will be attained.

My Journey towards Selflove

Self-love is one of the key attributes towards self discovery.It is defined as a deep appreciation and connectedness as you may call it with yourself.

I struggled with self love for so many years i let what others think about me define me .I was a chubby kid and always got bullied by other kids. I got sad and depressed and always thought of why i wasnt as ‘perfect’ as other girls.In return i was shy and introverted and my books were the only source of comfort at that time.It was one of the darkest period of my life that i really dread.

Am happy that i went through that phase of my life remarkably i blossomed into a beautiful confident lady.I discovered what self love is and hear is what i learnt:

  1. Focus on yourself -Discover who you are and what you love
  2. Dont feel pressured to have countless friends or date-Learn to enjoy your own personal space
  3. Discover who you truly are -Learn to make bold decisions towards your life
  4. Realise how strong beautiful and intelligent you are-You dont need validation from no one but yourself
  5. Forgive your past and arrive in the now -you cant change your past your now determines your future
  6. Practise gratitude kindness charity and gentleness-Being nice pays off
  7. Knowing your worth set healthy boundaries ,Say ‘NO’ to draining activities and people
  8. Dont compare yourself or your achievements to others we are all unique and have different paths in life
  9. Practise selfcare in the following aspects:Physical Emotional Mental Spiritual and Social -learn how to build your inner and outer self into a fulfilled person

Finally, Have Fun love yourself enough to have unlimited Fun- Laugh sing dance travel partyhard play games-Do what you enjoy the most.

Its high time you commit to loving yourself .Align yourself with the energy of love .Positive energy .Meditate and Practise Yoga .Love yourself to shift your mindset to appreciate your natural beauty and intelligence.

Let your slogan be

I love Me

Discovering life

Life remains one great unsolved mystery to some .Hardships pain and misery make you doubt if living is a priority,suicidal thoughts come kicking in.We fear underachieving our goals and expectations.We get heartbroken and discouraged.Bt we dont seem to get the bigger picture thats only a portion of our journey meant for us to grow to strengthen us and to build our character .We tend to ignore the beauty of life beautiful people around us.Lets try and focus on our good times lets forget our past and lets keep soaring towards the future.Life is beautiful life is amazing life’s a journey we all undertake lets go through it with smiles resilient hearts and hearts full of warmth and kindness